Best Exotic Bohemian Bedroom Design Inspirations

August 23, 2017
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Bohemian style is really a special style as It‘s no strict rules. It‘s as expressive as the one who creates the decor and provides endless possibilities to express your individuality.

We‘ll show you amazing Bohemian bedroom ideas which define their owners’ personality and combine beautiful elements, colors and patterns.

Bohemian bedroom ideas – choosing the colors

Whenever you look into a bohemian style interior, your first impression can be that chaos rules. Well, It‘s true, this sort of decor Isn‘t suitable in the least for organized people or for fans of minimalism. You‘ll hear that Bohemian style is known as ”Gypsy inspired style” as it‘s filled with rich and bold colors, color combinations, ethnic patterns and artistic accessories.

Bohemian bedroom ideas feature bold and captivating ideas which quite often, push the boundaries of imagination and creativity. Warm earthy tones – brown, terracotta, gold, rusty orange are typical colors to the Bohemian style. Purple, orange and blue with their brighter shades will also be quite common. The colors are combined inside an unconventional way and an artistic combination of textures and patterns is created. Drapes and frills are widely utilized in Bohemian style. Bravely drape colorful textiles upon the walls, windows to feature a further effect within your decor.


Bohemian bedroom ideas – furniture and accessories

Bohemian bedroom ideas feature unique furniture pieces. The importance Isn‘t such a lot on the form and size but upon the history. Vintage furniture pieces, pieces with many character are the ideal furniture for any Bohemian bedroom. Carved wood bed frames, shabby side tables – those are perfect for the bohemian style.

The accessories need to express the individuality and personality from the home owner. There isn‘t any rule and you may combine mismatched china with ornate boxes, vintage maps, glass bottles, anything that pleases you. Remember – mastering the style in your own personal house is achievable so long as you aren‘t afraid to experiment!