Best Elegant Upholstery Fabric Design Ideas

January 15, 2017
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Upholstery fabric determines the appearance our furniture – sofas, chairs, armchairs, ottomans, bed headboard, etc.

Choosing the very best upholstery Isn‘t a simple task as stores offer many sorts of upholstery fabrics for each taste, in almost any color and pattern. One and also the same upholstery fabric will look in an alternative way on the chair, sofa or perhaps a bed headboard and counting on light conditions one color may appear gray, purple or brown-ish while It‘s actually a deep shade of green.

Choosing upholstery fabric – buyer’s guide and useful tips

When selecting the upholstery fabric for the furniture have the ear of a choice from numerous colors, textures and prior to making your ultimate decision you have to know the foremost important properties from the several types of upholstery fabrics – durability, maintenance, functionality, comfort, etc.

The durability of upholstery fabrics depends upon many factors – the nature from the fibers – natural or synthetic – the finish, the weave, etc. Fabrics are rated upon their performance upon the “double rub” test which mimics the wear from grabbing a seat and getting up. With respect to the quantity of double rubs, fabrics are rated in four categories :

  • Delicate Duty – Lower than 3, 000 double rubs
  • Light Duty – 3, 000 to 9, 000 double rubs
  • Medium Duty – 9, 000 to 15, 000 double rubs
  • Heavy Duty – Greater than 15, 000 double rubs

Obviously, medium or heavy duty fabrics possess the greatest durability and also your upholstered furniture will retain its visual appeal for a long period.

You will find a few simple rules for selecting the foremost suitable upholstery fabric. Whenever you intend to upholster some seating furniture you don‘t have to choose identical upholstery for all of the furniture pieces. It‘s far better to match the pattern, style and color shades. Many designers use a special color to the upholstery of armchairs and sofas and chars. In this manner you‘ll avoid a monotonous appearance inside the room, as seating furniture is usually placed in the middle of the space you dominant color may look overwhelming. You are able to choose several types of upholstery when they are in harmony when it comes to color and texture along with with the remainder of the upholstered furniture.

It is very important choose the best seller or manufacturer of fabrics for upholstery. Where for buying upholstery would function as the specialized stores. Check the manufacturer from the fabric which you like and when the name (brand ) Isn‘t marked upon the fabric itself, ask the seller.

Choose your upholstery with respect to the overall design concept of your respective room. Remember that the options of fabric also will depend upon the kind of room. For instance, if you‘re attempting to find a suitable, functional and durable upholstery to the breakfast nook benches, which is straightforward to clean and maintain, flock is a good choice. When you‘re attempting to find upholstery for the living room you‘ll choose materials with different texture and characteristics. You have to measure carefully to work out just simply the amount fabric you‘ll need but don‘t forget that you ll require a margin. When you‘re unsure you are able to consult using the seller or an upholsterer.

Further to the selection of upholstery fabric will depend upon in which the furniture will probably be used – inside a home, office or public area. Seating furniture for public areas would require practical, durable and dense fabric rich in wear resistance and easily cleaned, preferably in darker tones. Chenille, velour, burlap, suede are suitable and practical for upholstering the furniture in private homes.

Upholstery fabric types – natural fabrics or synthetic fabrics?

Choosing between natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics? Do you know the differences? It‘s essential which you understand the quality and properties from the several types of upholstery fabric so that you could make the ideal decision.

Natural are made of fibers from natural origin – wool, flax, jute, cotton, etc. – and they‘re anti-allergenic, environmentally friendly and breathing. However, natural materials have lower wear resistance and bigger potential for shrinking and creasing. Synthetic upholstery fabrics are made of synthetic fibers – polyamide or polyester and also have high wear resistance, don‘t shrink and retain their color for a long period. The main disadvantage of synthetic fabrics is the fact that they accumulate static electricity and also have really low air permeability.

The number of natural upholstery fabric includes textile woven from fibers from plants or animals and therefore are soft towards the touch and practically versatile.

Cotton is soft, breathable, and durable, comfortable, cleanable, and economical, but it might get dirty and wrinkle very easily. Cotton furniture upholstery is dyed easily however when exposed to direct sunlight, cotton may fade or get yellow. Usually cotton is blended with polyester, linen, nylon, etc. to extend its strength and resistance along with to feature texture. Top quality cotton blends should contain from 45% to 60% cotton and therefore are a good choice for washable slipcovers also.

Linen is made from the flax plant. Elegant and unpretentious, resistant to pilling and soiling, linen upholstery is a superb choice for any living room but bear on your mind it wrinkles easily. Additionally linen Isn‘t ideal for heavy wear so when exposed to direct sunlight, linen tends to weaken. Linen blends wrinkle less but in case you choose 100 % linen slipcovers, for instance, It‘s advisable that they‘re dry cleaned to avoid shrinking.

Wool upholstery is extremely sturdy and durable and it is almost versatile. Wool fabrics vary in texture and pattern but generally It‘s excellent potential to deal with pilling, fading, wrinkling, and soiling. Wool is breathable, simple to clean and maintain and retains its beautiful appearance for several years.

Silk is really a symbol of luxury. The fabric has excellent visual aesthetic, It‘s soft and pleasant towards the touch and immediately adds class, style and sophistication towards the interior. Silk upholstery is extremely valued as silk fibers are perhaps one of the strongest ones and can also be pulled and stretched to suit perfectly to the form from the furniture. Silk doesn‘t wrinkle as easily as cotton or any other natural fabrics however when exposed to sunlight it fades quicker and also the fibers wear out quicker. It‘s advisable to position your furniture upholstered in silk inside a room where it won‘t be exposed to direct sunlight. Silk requires lots of maintenance because it absorbs liquids and it is stained easily. Silk upholstery Isn‘t a very good option for furniture used on a everyday basis. It‘s advisable for formal living rooms or dining rooms in which the furniture Isn‘t used often.

Moire is made of silk or satin, It‘s a good choice for formal living rooms and dining rooms as It‘s a powerful look and adds a way of richness and luxury to any room.

Velvet is manufactured from densely woven fibers. It could be made of silk, cotton, linen, or wool. With respect to the fibers, velvet could be very luxurious – silk velvet – or even more casual – cotton velvet. Velvet comes in an array of colours and styles. Usually velvet is dyed after being woven and also the colors are very wealthy. However, velvet upholstery is extremely difficult to clean and maintain compared with other fabrics. Velvet includes a shorter life span and tends to don off quickly and likewise fades and stains which makes maintenance very demanding.