Best Creative Interior Design with Corrugated Metal

January 18, 2017
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Corrugated metal in interior design sounds as a bold and unusual decision because isn‘t the first kinds of material that individuals think about once they envision their homes.

It‘s a popular material for roofing and lots of people find it too difficult to imagine how you can use corrugated metal in interior design. We‘ve selected 50 very original ideas which should show you interesting interior design solutions and you‘ll see that it unusual material works alright inside the interior from the home.

Let’s begin to see the advantages and also the benefits that corrugated metal sheets provide and why they‘re a clever idea to the interior design. Generally, metal in interior design is used for many years because of its durability, gorgeous luster, texture and appearance. Copper, wrought iron were employed for centuries and in additional recent times, steel and brass found their place in people’s homes. Using the invention of corrugated galvanized iron back inside the 1820s the material gained quick popularity to its unique properties – It‘s functional, lightweight, portable, corrosion-resistant, durable, economical, low maintenance, fire and storm resistant, very long-lasting and straightforward to recycle. Nowadays corrugated sheets are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ferrous alloys, a zinc-aluminum alloy by having an anti-corrosive matte finish. The manufacturing process involves a machine which pulls metal sheets and creates a wavy surface.

Corrugated metal in interior design – how you can apply it in several design styles?

Corrugated metal works with different design styles but is typically utilized in rustic, industrial, classic, Mediterranean or country interiors but people constantly seek for sustainable materials and also the concept of using eco-friendly materials in home decors, we view corrugated metal in modern home decors. Corrugated metal sheets are manufactured in a number of patterns, finishes, and beautiful color options which causes it to be simpler to incorporate a unique corrugated metal accent within your interior space. The majority of folks prefer to make use of reclaimed corrugated sheets with beautiful patina, which provides the interior an original industrial look, many people would rather paint it inside a color that could blend with the planning concept, among others would rather purchase the shining surface and utilize it being an accent.

Corrugated metal sheets are a good choice for interior designs focused and simplicity and naturalness, functionality and modesty. Corrugated steel works with natural materials like solid wood, leather, stone and because of the neutral color it could be combined with other color – from soft neutrals to bold, bright colors. The curved surface of corrugated metal sheets enables numerous design solutions and decorating ideas and you‘ll see some really inspiring interior concepts inside the gallery below.

What to make use of – new or reclaimed corrugated metal sheets? There isn‘t any rule and you need to make a decision driven by look you would like to achieve and also the overall design concept. New panels work with modern interiors and add a sleek shiny accent, while reclaimed panels are widely utilized in rustic and industrial decors as they‘ve some rust and also a pleasant patina. However, purchasing new or reclaimed corrugated sheets and installing them in your residence, you have to know that inside a hot and humid climate you‘ll encounter potential problems as metal is heated much quicker than alternative materials and in air-conditioned rooms you‘ll have condensation upon the metal.

Corrugated metal in interior design – accent wall ideas

Using corrugated metal sheets to make an accent wall is really a smart solution. It‘s an immediate eye-catcher and additionally, a budget friendly method to add originality and character within your living room, bedroom, kitchen or other room inside the house. The price of corrugated panels is lower when compared with the price of drywall, for instance, and unless you would like a particular finish, metal panels don‘t require painting or other finish. Installation is extremely quick which is yet another saving on some serious amounts of labor. Installing an accent wall from corrugated steel is an effective DIY project for everybody who has got basic skills having a drill and fasteners. You need to measure the surface area, cut the metal sheet towards the desired size, secure wood strips towards the wall and fasten the sheet. Corrugated metal wall panels can be utilized in vertical or horizontal applications. Typically, the vertical orientation is preferred while horizontal installation could be seen in interiors with increased contemporary look.