Best Craftsman Kitchen Design Inspirations

Craftsman style is an interesting design style and that is enjoying a growing popularity with homeowners and designers. Additionally it is referred to as Mission style and also has some specifics and typical characteristics.

We‘ll show you some beautiful Craftsman kitchen design ideas which feature the simple straight lines, minimal ornamentation and top quality construction from the cabinets.

What‘s Craftsman kitchen design?

Craftsman kitchen design or Craftsman style originated in the first 20th century like a reaction towards the richly ornate mass-produced furniture from the time. The style reflects the desire for higher quality and craftsmanship, a simplicity and warmth that also characterizes the interiors designed inside the Craftsman style. The most goal is to produce a functional and stylish space and that is welcoming and cozy, cozy and homey.

Best Basic Element of Craftsman kitchen design

Craftsman kitchen design features some typical elements. One of the most crucial ones is wood. Kitchen cabinets are made of wood so we often see hickory kitchen cabinets. They‘re Not painted, sometimes they‘re stained, in an effort to enhance the beauty from the material. Oak, maple or pine will be the typical wood for kitchen cabinets. The cabinets have clean lines with no carvings or ornaments, flat panel doors or frameless doors, sometimes with simple glass fronts.

The simplicity from the Craftsman style is reflected inside the lighting also. Pendants, chandeliers, sconces feature geometric lines and functionality is, again, on the very first place. The natural colors are especially typical to the Craftsman style. Wood browns, greens, rusty orange shades – the colors inspired by Nature have their place inside a Craftsman kitchen.

Countertops mainly feature natural stone or wood. Look into the country kitchen backspash ideas to select the very best option. Slate tiles and solid wood will be the typical flooring. Hand crafted tiles and hardware with an all-natural patina give the typical look of the Craftsman kitchen.


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