Best Contemporary Sloping Roof Design Inspirations

August 17, 2017
Architecture   135 views

Unlike its flat roof counterpart, the sloping roof design is mostly related to traditional home design—or a minimum of, the less modern one. Even so, it doesn‘t mean modern home design should always incorporate the usage of flat roof design only. Today, we will require you to discover some amazing home design ideas which exterior design looks totally awe-striking with the sloping or pitched roof!

Well, considering how pitched roof is mostly related to traditional home, why don’t we start using this amazing mountain home first? One among sloping roof design ideas here brilliantly shows a stylish method to bridge the differences between its rustic environment, original traditional building, and much more modern finish. As possible see, the result‘s exceptionally cool. You are able to see how the pitched roof can blend seamlessly with modern design by showcasing sharp, clean lines to balance the roughness of natural stone exterior.

Okay. This contemporary residence might not show what is predicted given by a pitched roof, but its sloping shape surely has its own charm, doesn’t it? We actually amaze the fantastic sloping roof idea for that house that shows a unique trapezoidal shape instead. What defines the roof design even cooler is when this home can embrace it like a distinctive feature of their exterior design by incorporating it with cozy balcony situated on upper level.

Last although not least, We‘ve this spectacular contemporary home using its sloping roof housing living area that overlooks the courtyard, patio, and outdoor pool. Its clean slate line perfectly blends with minimalist details and simplicity which are expected the foremost from modern and contemporary design style. The sharpness and cleanliness blend beautifully with white paint color, wooden paneling, and transparent glass material. One among pitched roof design ideas here definitely is a thing to awe-strike people!