Best Comfy Shabby sheek Bedroom Design Inspirations

July 25, 2017
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Some people think that Shabby sheek is really a design style. The reality could be that the style is Shabby Chic and also the mistake is inside the spelling from the word. Another common mistake is this design style is really a type of decoration while it‘s a carefully planned look and also has specific features.

Shabby sheek or Shabby Chic bedroom designs

Shaby sheek doesn‘t exist like a design style. Shabby Chic, however is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Very often you‘ll hear people describing it as “unusual”, “decorative”, “stunning”, “fabulous” and they‘ll be right. We‘ll show you unique shabby chic bedroom designs which aren‘t only cozy but romantic, nostalgic, with elements of rustic and country style. The most characteristic of Shabby Chic style is that the naturalness and simplicity.

Whenever you look into a Shabby Chic bedroom or living room or other room, the planning emits a sense of nostalgia to the good old days. As in almost any style, it is about details – handmade quality furniture, classical forms with an easy finish, usually painted with white paint and bearing traces of your time.

Shabby sheek or Shabby Chic bedroom – how to recognize the style?

Now that many of us made clear that Shabby sheek is really a misspelling, lets describe the most characteristic of Shabby Chic design style. You‘ll immediately recognize it to the light neutral colors – white, gray, light wood, pastel shades and neutral color palette. The shortage of updated furniture pieces is yet another typical feature and it is extremely often seen in bedroom designs. A Shabby Chic armoire is really a typical furniture piece.

For instance – beds are either from natural wood or with iron frames with carvings upon the wood and gentle curved legs. Upholstered furniture features checkered and striped pastel fabrics and floral patterns are highly popular. Light floral motifs inside the decor elements, mainly – roses, angels, are seen in curtains, decorative pillows and bedding. You won‘t find metal surfaces, aggressive lines and contrast of colours. Even when the interior gives the impression of the cozy home clutter, actually, every detail is carefully thought of.