Best Captivating Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

August 7, 2017
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Owning a spacious laundry room is really a dream for numerous housewives. However, in modern urban apartments, space is a problem and organizing a laundry room may be a real challenge.

What can you think whenever you hear “a small laundry room”? Something dark, gloomy, unattractive? Well, we‘ll show you 40 small laundry room design ideas which should show you the way, even the smallest laundry room, could be transformed into your comfortable and functional space. With some imagination and creativity the matter of rational use of space is easily solved so we will offer you lots of choices for interesting design solutions.

Small laundry room design ideas – carefully plan the layout from the room

The service area or laundry room has an essential role in the house, and lots of people treat that area like a service area which doesn‘t need decoration. As like a section of the home, the laundry room has to become functional, above all, but it needs to be pleasing towards the eye also. A lot of the fantastic small laundry room design ideas are depending on efficiency along with visual appeal. The resident in small apartments should put money into functional solutions that save space. One must think about a spot to wash clothes, dry them, iron the washed clothes, store detergents and cleaning agents. So exactly what must you have in a little laundry room? Obviously – a washer and dryer, storage cabinets, possibly an ironing board, a sink, counter space and last although not least – good lighting.

Small laundry room design ideas – how to organize the space?

Planning the layout of a little laundry room begins with measuring. You can draw your plan on the sheet of paper in an effort to visualize your ideas. A space saving idea usually is to stack the dryer above the washing machine. This can be a excellent idea for limited space and can leave room for any sink and cabinets. Machines with front openings are an excellent option because they could be built in and leave space for any countertop. An ironing board could be stored inside a cabinet so the room looks more clean, uncluttered and tidy. Go vertical and install storage shelves and cabinets above the washer and dryer. This can be a valuable space and shouldn‘t be wasted ! The shelves and cabinets will accommodate all of the detergents and moreover, kids won‘t get access to them, which is vital for families with small children. Check the choice of small laundry room design ideas inside the gallery below and you‘ll see some really creative solutions.

Small laundry room design ideas – decoration ideas for a little space

These 40 small laundry room design ideas will prove that you‘ll be able to have a little, functional and visually appealing space with little effort. Choose the colors for the laundry room to ensure that they work using the overall interior of your residence. How about choosing red washer and dryer, or blue, or green? This could possibly be a spectacular color accent, right? Decorate your small laundry room with photos in frames or landscapes. Paint the frames in several colors to feature accents and also a vibrant feeling. Add a vase with flowers for any fresh touch. A few bright accents, the colors, the details make all of the difference.