Best Captivating Retaining Wall Blocks Design Inspirations

July 16, 2017
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Landscaping provides many design options. Garden walls are essential elements of garden design, which serve a really practical purpose. Whether drywall, stone wall, concrete wall or gabions any kind has a really special charm. A retaining wall offers privacy, can be utilized like a noise barrier and little retaining wall ideas often feature a spot for flowerbeds or lawns.

However, the most purpose of any retaining wall usually is to retain the soil in sloped terrains. There are a lot of methods to build a retaining wall and although it‘s a tough job many homeowners can handle it on their own. We shall focus your attention inside the several types of retaining wall blocks and the advantages and disadvantages.

Retaining wall blocks natural stone blocks pros and cons

Retaining wall blocks made of natural stone or boulder walls are the foremost expensive wall material and require the greatest level of labor however the stylish and unique look from the wall is difficult to obtain with other material. The blocks could be made of granite, sandstone or limestone. Granite is that the hardest stone, which is designed in landscaping. Its amazing colors vary between gray, black, crimson to yellow, blue and white, and reveal their beauty most especially when wet. Granite stones can be found in certain standard sizes. Natural stone retaining wall blocks can be found in regular or irregular shapes and therefore are absolutely versatile as they‘re ideal for any kind of design.

An alternative towards the costly natural stone blocks will be the blocks made of cement mixture, so they‘re a man-made material which suggests their cost is significantly less. Like a manufactured product these stone blocks could have various shapes, designs and textures which replicate natural stone. The stone blocks are ideal for retaining walls where a mortar Isn‘t required and also the dry stack method is designed. Retaining walls built with stone blocks are divided into three main types : rubble wall, cut stone and boulder walls.