Best Black and White Living Room Design Inspirations

August 6, 2017
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A hot trend in interior design is using the 2 ends from the spectrum so we will show you the way a modern black and white living room design and black and white furniture can look absolutely stunning. Black and white combination is really a timeless classic which returns to modern homes and offers a comfortable and stylish living.

The most rule of black and white interiors Isn‘t to make use of black and white inside the same proportion – you need to choose perhaps one of the colors which could be dominating the planning. The options would depend entirely upon the taste from the homeowner and what you need to obtain like a final result.

Black and white living room design – the ideal duo with your home

To some people a black and white living room design is unthinkable as they simply associate the combination of colours with offices because it appears very strict and formal. However, using the right design and proportions, you‘ll have a really stylish interior depending on just two colors. Black and white combination could be dynamic, dramatic, formal, ultra modern and in fact, the ideal background to feature other colors.

Perhaps one of the main arguments in favor from the black and white combination is the undeniable fact that the 2 colors blend equally well inside the interiors of any style – whether it’s a classic, art deco, minimalism or hi-tech. As you will know, black and white are neutral colors and therefore are easily integrated into any palette.

Black and white living room design – suitable accent colors

A black and white living room design easily accepts the presence of other color and you‘ve lots of room for the imagination. Practically, there isn‘t any color which doesn‘t work with black and white. To produce a less formal and much more cozy and warm interior, splashes of yellow, orange, red, blue will certainly be most suitable. Silver and browns will also be very suitable.

Red adds drama, a dynamic feeling and stands out perfectly inside a black and white interior. Yellow accents are modern yet cozy and produce a homey feeling. Greens add vitality and soften the sharp difference between black and white. Gray shades, that also neutral and in the center of the black and white spectrum, will be the soothing and balancing tones.