Best Beauty Blue Marble Countertops Design Inspirations

Marble countertops are durable, strong, and put in in almost any kitchen interior, making a sense of luxury inside the house. Marble has numerous variations of colours and shades and lets you create different combinations with different colors when decorating your kitchen.

Blue marble countertops offer an exclusive look although rarely seen in kitchen designs, but We‘ve chosen a collection of gorgeous interiors using this stunning stone.

Blue marble countertops – the showstopper inside the kitchen design

Blue marble is quarried in several places worldwide – Italy, China, Brazil, Turkey, India and also has different shades from sky blue to deep navy. The foremost widely known type is that the one quarried in Argentina, though there are fantastic slabs quarried in Kenya and Tanzania. Blue marble is relatively rare like the production is limited because of the relatively small quantity of fields. However after you have seen blue marble countertops, the image is absolutely impressive to the elegance and sophistication which the stone adds towards the kitchens. The marketplace offers large and medium-sized slabs, but because of the unique appearance the colour and veining may differ greatly from slab to slab.

Blue marble countertops in contemporary kitchens

Blue marble countertops give the interior a truly refined and graceful look. Blue marble usually has medium-grained and coarse-grained structure, multiple streaks of blue color and also the blue veins can be curvy or perhaps slightly wavy which provides the initial look from the marble. When polished, the shiny surface is fantastic for contemporary kitchens and the foremost spectacular combination that has the most important visual appeal is blue marble countertops and white kitchen cabinets. Some slabs have streaks of beige or gold shades and work with wood cabinets and also the combination works ideally in rustic and Mediterranean interiors. Benefit from the gallery and also the inspiring kitchen designs !