Best Bathroom Attic Window Concept Ideas

January 23, 2017
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Generally, most storey houses are built by having an attic on the highest from the house building. Which small additional room is widely used for storage. Yeah, the majority of folks prefer to make use of it like a giant closet to store various second hand furniture or appliances. Yet, on several circumstances, some creative and efficient homeowners would rather optimize this small room at the highest from the house as a little bathroom. Bathroom attic sounds more effective than storage room in your own home. However, we will add an additional room for children or guest using this small bathroom.

Well, for the inspiration, some bathroom attic ideas are displayed at this blog. This point, we will show you several attic bathroom samples with cool vent and window that make this room more eye catching than usual. Hey, look into perhaps one of the pictures here then. A little white attic bathroom looks stylish with an easy skylight installed upon the attic ceiling. This skylight is located above the patented bathtub having a toilet placed between it and chic floating vanity. Frameless mirror having a horizontal panel is installed upon the wall behind the floating vanity. It‘s in which the owner can place a soap container or shaver.

Another picture even shows us more beautiful bathroom attic vent which may be opened to permit fresh air circulating properly to the space. This cool vent has wooden frame identical to a traditional window with up and down closing system. A free standing bathtub is positioned beneath the vent with stainless steel rack for towel. Built-in-wall shelf is installed with frameless mirror covering the to save much space inside the bathroom. A floating sink is featured with towel holder installed right beneath the open shelf. To beautify it, a pot of flower is placed on the mirror shelf as decoration.