Best American Touch Navajo Rugs Design

January 22, 2017
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Navajo rugs are especially beautiful and also a magnificent method to add a native American touch within your interior design and take an ethnic element to fill the space with character to ensure that it becomes a little island of culture. You will know that textiles really certainly can be a key element in each and every interior design as they simply add color, texture, warmth and depth to the space.

Navajo rugs and textiles are manufactured by Navajo people and Haven‘t lost their popularity for longer than one hundred years. Classic and original rugs are hand woven with an upright loom and therefore are a genuine treasure. Initially used as blankets, cloaks and saddle blankets, Navajo textile products possess some distinctive features which get them to unique.

Navajo rugs – a work of art to fit your home

The skill of rug weaving is among the most difficult and the majority beautiful ones. It‘s often a mystery passed from mother to daughter. Weaving requires lots of effort : to produce a three-foot rug may take eight months. Handmade native American Navajo rugs are exclusive works of art with distinctive individuality, traditional patterns of geometric shapes or images of objects and other people. A Navajo rug is made of 100 % wool and original rugs tend to be collector’s items with price tags reaching lots and lots of dollars. Navajo rug patterns vary and feature different designs –from bold, geometric designs to intricate patterns and motifs.

Where can you employ Navajo rugs? Practically – everywhere. A Navajo rug is a wonderful accent with your living room, bedroom and also a beautiful method to separate visually the various functional areas inside an open plan living space. Very often Navajo rugs are used like a decor for entry halls and also as an accent in bathroom decors.

Navajo rugs colors, patterns and designs

Navajo Reservation is located in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. It‘s the largest American Indian Reservation inside the USA and weaving is a crucial economic benefit towards the tribe. Navajo rugs possess some typical designs and patterns and every one has specific colors. “Two Grey Hills” is characterized with natural colors typical for wool – white, black, brown, and grey and black is dyed to obtain a more intensive color. Traditionally the wool was dyed with natural pigments derived from plants and also the rugs have soft and pleasing colors. Using the introduction of commercial dyes around 1870 the rugs were weaved with brighter vivid hues and also the bright colors made Navajo rugs popular and popular.

Navajo rugs possess some iconic patterns, typical for different areas inside the reservation and nowadays known all over the planet – Ganado rugs, Storm pattern Rugs, Two Grey Hills and Toadlena, Chinle rugs, Pictorial rugs, etc. Look into the gallery below to discover how Navajo rugs are an excellent addition to interior design and add their unique beauty towards the home.