Best All About Split Level Ranch

July 23, 2017
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A Split Level Ranch offers more square footage inside a smaller footprint when compared to a classic ranch house.

The Split Level Ranch style house was the 1950s reaction to the exodus towards the suburbs, the ballooning quantity of cars and commuters, and escalating real estate costs in new developments. One-story ranch houses with attached garages, pitched roofs and overhanging eaves added two additional levels — a couple of steps as much as the bedrooms, a couple of steps right all the way down to the family and utility rooms, and garage. Split ranches offer more privacy for relations, inside a compact floor plan on an inferior lot.

Split Level Ranch Style

A ranch home Isn‘t a Tudor cottage or gingerbread Victorian — the planning presents sturdier fare and that‘s a touch to heed when planning interior decor. The levels could be split but They‘re Not really separate so plan decor with a way of unity and flow, from room to room and level to level. Arts and Crafts style, using its warm woods, earthy colors and simple lines, adapts well to some ranch, as do modern, Western and Southwestern decor. Wood paneling, clay tile, rough spun upholstery fabrics and metal embellishments, for example wrought iron sconces and chandeliers, underscore the practical, casual architecture from the home. Connect levels with materials and color palette. Oak floors, including the steps between levels, and also a medium-intensity triadic paint scheme on the most floor, matched by pastel shades of these colors inside the upper floor bedrooms, create visual harmony.

Enhance the Roof

Ceilings are seldom very high in Split Level Ranch homes however you don‘t have to feel as if the sky is falling. Solid color drapes inside the living room that stretch from ceiling to floor create the illusion of height, even when the tops from the drapes are above the windows. Soffits, to disguise pipes and electrical work, are common in split ranches so paint a kitchen or dining room soffit to match the ceiling above cabinets or perhaps a breakfront. An all-white kitchen having a whisper-gray ceiling and soffits erases the boundary between wall and ceiling. Blush walls inside the dining room that fade into your cream soffit and ceiling, are an expansive backdrop for any spare pecan wood dining table, chairs and breakfront and also a contemporary artichoke pendant lamp.

Gallery Split Level Ranch House

Invite More Light

One feature a split level ranch may offer is extra light, from expanses of horizontally oriented windows. Capitalize upon the light by opening up adjoining rooms wherever you are able to remove a non-load-bearing wall. Involving the kitchen and dining room, angle a cube of wall that houses the fridge and also a pantry cabinet upon the kitchen side, and also a shallow bookshelf and glass-front cupboard upon the dining room side. Paint the partial wall all around the refrigerator and cabinet a similar accent color like the dining room wall opposite the kitchen — a muddied chartreuse, dusky pewter or faded tangerine. Keep the remainder of the walls in both rooms a similar neutral color — antique white, pale toast or bleached turquoise. Air, light and other people circulate more freely inside the open spaces.

Beach Ranch

In case you long to reside in the beach — or you do live in the beach inside a split level ranch house — work to merge indoors and out, and take advantage of a couple features of your respective home’s style. Whitewashed wood paneling adds a casual, coastal vibe to any room. Shabby white floor-to-ceiling panels inside a bedroom having a faux sky ceiling have a magical space for a toddler. Whitewashed wainscoting inside the dining room, topped by color-washed putty walls and also a white ceiling, shows off one or two large paintings of beach scenes, produced from our favorite local artist. Connect the living room to the rear patio having a wall of French doors — replace drapes with shoji screens in summer for privacy. In winter, lined and faded velvet drapes make the space warm and welcoming.