Best Advantages of Marmoleum Flooring

January 15, 2017
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Marmoleum flooring is made of natural materials, it‘s a sustainable product which offers many advantages. Before taking a look at the professionals and cons of marmoleum we need to response to probably the most frequent questions – what‘s the difference between linoleum and marmoleum.

Linoleum is made of natural materials like linseed oil, wood flour, pine rosin, etc. Marmoleum is really a brand name for linoleum produced by Forbo Flooring Systems. The corporate was established in 1928 like a merger of several European linoleum manufacturers and is that the largest and oldest manufacturer of linoleum in the planet. Inside the 1970s the corporate was renamed as then It‘s referred to as Forbo Flooring Systems. Some people confuse linoleum, marmoleum and vinyl flooring however they differ significantly. Vinyl flooring is really a synthetic flooring manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and various compounds are added to feature color, flexibility, hardness and increase the characteristics from the material.

Do you know the primary attributes of Marmoleum flooring?

When selecting a flooring to the home, people consider many factors – budget, visual appearance, durability, maintenance, environmental friendliness, installation, etc. Marmoleum has proved like a functional and versatile flooring option and is among the top choices of shoppers. Let’s look into the rewards of marmoleum and find out why It‘s so appealing to homeowners.

Marmoleum flooring is made of natural materials. It‘s no foul odors, doesn‘t exude toxic chemical residues and additionally has antibacterial properties which prevent spreading of dangerous microbes and that is of importance to individuals with allergies. Marmoleum is resistant to heat which causes it to be a very good flooring option as it doesn‘t burn easily. Further, It‘s excellent anti-static properties, meaning that dirt won‘t stick with the ground and is straightforward to clean. The upkeep of clean marmoleum flooring requires a dust mop and damp mopping. Any spills could be exhausted and you‘ll not worry that the stain will sink in.

Marmoleum is available in a number of colors. You are able to combine different colors if you would like more intricate patterns for the flooring or use a consistent color, whoever suits your taste. Marmoleum comes in several varieties – sheet, tile or click and you may design your own personal floor pattern as it could be cut easily to form borders. It‘s comfortable to steer and doesn t feel cold to bare feet. It‘s 100% biodegradable which causes it to be environmentally friendly flooring option. Having a lifespan around fifty years, marmoleum is among the most durable flooring options, ideal for areas with high-traffic in commercial s and residential places, with a budget friendly cost.

Do you know the cons of Marmoleum flooring?

Like all material, marmoleum has a couple of drawbacks, that you have to know. Prior installation the sub-flooring ought to be perfectly smooth with no dents to ensure that you will find the perfect floor. Installation and finishes ought to be made by people that have experience in installing marmoleum.

Marmoleum flooring could be stained by aggressive liquids or pets. Marmoleum is water resistant though it‘s not waterproof and spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid damage. Cleaning a marmoleum flooring is straightforward, but you shouldn‘t make use of a steam cleaner or hot water as It‘ll damage the finishing of the ground. Marmoleum could be easily scratched or dented. Moving furniture across the ground or high heels can leave deep scratches. However, regardless of the drawbacks, marmoleum is definitely an excellent choice and you‘ll have an extended lasting and durable flooring, provided It‘s installed, finished and maintained correctly.