Beautiful Small Juliet Balcony Design Ideas

August 25, 2017
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If there‘s a more romantic balcony in the planet than Juliet’s balcony in Verona, and then it is the greatest kept secret in the planet. It‘s a undeniable fact that thousands and thousands of individuals pay their respect to the foremost famous adore story of times.

Being kissed on Juliet’s balcony sounds as a dream become a reality and also a promise for eternal adore. Learning to be a symbol of adore, this small gothic balcony has conveyed its meaning and romantic charm to many of the most beautiful small balconies. Especially popular in Italy, Spain and France, a Juliet balcony could be seen today like a decoration of historic buildings along with in modern architecture.

Juliet balcony design ideas – adorable small balconies

The balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s play is that the inspiration not just for romantic movies, candle lit dinners however we can see it in several Juliet balcony design ideas. Architecturally, these balconies are part of an upper floor having a front balustrade. Modern designs feature a metal railing in front of floor to ceiling windows or French doors and even though some critics describe them as “unusable” There‘s something very special about them. They create us dream, they exude romance and charm which could not be beaten by the biggest and the majority luxurious balcony.

How to decorate a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet balcony is tiny therefore you need to be very careful when decorating it. Ignore outdoor furniture, tables or chairs. Think about flowers as they‘re the very best decoration for the tiny balcony. Just a little garden will cause it to be look like a dream – colorful and beautiful, inspiring and romantic. We‘ve collected many of the most romantic little balcony design ideas to ensure that you will get inspired and create your own personal miniature oasis filled with color and emotions. Benefit from the gallery and also the richness of colours and also the beauty from the banister ideas and decorating of those magnificent small balconies.