Beautiful Orient Oushak Rugs Design Ideas

January 22, 2017
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Oushak rugs are called following the name of the Turkish town, located south of Istanbul, that was the middle of production. Oushak rugs date to the 15th century and the incredible old world charm is extremely valued by designers.

A typical feature of antique Oushak rugs is the fact that they tend to be more loosely woven than Persian rugs and convey glamour and warmth to any room. These rugs are considered to become perhaps one of the finest works of art and also the authentic designs feature star and medallion patterns that believed to possess originated inside the town of Oushak. Afterward floral and vine patterns appeared and also the rugs became bigger in size to suit an area.

Oushak rugs – colors and ideas how to make use of them in several design styles

Antique Oushak rugs featured soft earthy colors like cinnamon, coral, aqua, terracotta shades, gold, blue hues, greens, ivory, gray. Afterward using the appearance of floral patterns a soft red color was introduced like a base. Rich and bold colors aren‘t typical for the Oushak rug. Generally they‘re inside the neutral color palette which makes them a perfect addition to any room.

Oushak rugs look perfectly in contemporary, sSndanavian or Craftsman style interior designs and complement the home design concept whether formal or informal. Antique rugs are hand woven coming from the finest quality wool and also have an immense appeal and aesthetic value. By having an Oushak rug you are able to produce a spectacular blend of old and modern which is among the main reasons why Oushak rugs are so popular. Oushak rugs are design friendly not just to the warmth and depth they increase the interior but simply since they work with many fabrics and provide various design opportunities. The subdued colors from the rugs could be combined with different interior color schemes and interior styles.

Choosing Oushak rugs – considerations and buyer’s tips

Despite the undeniable fact that Oushak rugs originate from turkey, nowadays they‘re produced in India so you need always check the nation of origin. Usually rugs manufactured in India have less price tag compared to the ones manufactured in Turkey. An authentic rug is more likely to retain its appearance and it is value will grow as time passes, so experts advise to purchase a real rug manufactured in Turkey.

The quality of wood, the dye and also the craftsmanship are other important factors. Natural dyes are preferred but which means that the colors from the rug won‘t be as intense. Oushak rugs are hand woven and also the tradition is passed in one generation to another for centuries. Experts would check the knot density, the structure from the rug as they could differ with respect to the quality and density of wool. It‘s highly recommended which you shop for Oushak rugs form a reputable seller which should guarantee which you get the very best quality.