Awesome Thrilling 3D Epoxy Flooring Design Ideas

August 16, 2017

The options of home flooring could be fun. The sort of options starts from traditional hard wood flooring, parquet, laminate, concrete, terrazzo, tiles, terracotta, linoleum – you name it ! We‘ll show you something different, thrilling, stunning, something modern and incredibly appealing – 3D Epoxy flooring. Something you need is perfect for sure – those floor designs are everything else but boring and conventional !

3D Epoxy flooring – invite the ocean within your home

If you‘re bold sufficient to think from the box, the 3D Epoxy flooring designs here are only the right floor type for you personally. A hot trend is that the ocean theme and you‘ll see some mind blowing floors which reveal amazing ocean scenes.

Oceanic 3D epoxy flooring is mostly popular in bathrooms, and that is quite logical. Spectacular images of sea life are a powerful decor to the bathroom. Given by a practical point of view, epoxy flooring has a good durability and can provide you with a perfect appearance for a long period. Epoxy floors can last between ten to fifteen many additionally you are able to install a floor heating under them.

3D Epoxy flooring – a practical home flooring solution

3D Epoxy flooring will are employed in any type, size and shape of room. The technology is founded on creating an optical illusion of depth on the plane floor and it‘s as much as one to make a decision what pattern you want to have inside the room. How about walking on beautiful blossoming roses inside the living room or enjoying a tropical island theme inside the kitchen? How about having the ocean right within your living room? It sounds greater than great, doesn’t it? Benefit from the gallery below and do not forget that flooring could be fun !