Attractive Natural Stone Bathroom Design Ideas

July 21, 2017
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Using natural materials is really a wonderful method to give the bathroom a luxurious look and take benefit of their great visual appeal. We‘ll show you magnificent stone bathroom ideas having a magical atmosphere of antiquity and naturalness.

Natural stone not just decorates the bathroom, it creates a unique ambience and also has an immense calming effect.

Stone bathroom ideas – how to make use of natural stone as bathroom decoration

Stone is really a durable, reliable and environmentally friendly material. It‘s special characteristics and excellent insulation properties. Stone is employed for centuries like a building material along with decorative material. Many of the stone bathroom ideas inside the gallery below use traditional stones like as marble, granite, sandstone, onyx, quartz.

It‘s a undeniable fact that natural stone includes a relatively high price tag which happens to be the main reason why we don‘t see it more frequently as interior decoration. Natural stone offers a number of patterns and textures and works with many design styles – loft, Mediterranean, classic, art deco, eco-style, rustic and sometimes even with minimalism. An infinitely more affordable option is to make use of artificial stone which offers a similar visual appeal but with a much lower price.

Stone bathroom ideas – fantastic bathroom decors

For people who have decided to make use of this remarkable material, We‘ve prepared these stone bathroom ideas which should show you the way and where one can utilize the stone. Stone floor is really a fascinating feature of any bathroom. It‘s strong and durable and adds lots of character towards the bathroom interior. You are able to choose marble slabs, pebble flooring or other pattern.

A wall decorated in natural stone is a method to continue the visual effect given by a stone floor or set a stylish look having a spectacular accent wall. Stone upon the ceiling is seen rarely, but it‘s very original and reminds of the medieval castle. Using stone like a bathtub facing is yet another popular design solution which works alright even in small bathrooms.