Adorable Best Cordwood House Design Ideas

January 17, 2017
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Cordwood house is really a special house and cordwood construction is really a bit different form the typical house construction. We shall possess a detailed look into the primary attributes of cordwood masonry and also the benefits to the people that opted for the kinds of house construction.

What is a cordwood house?

Towards the majority of individuals, who aren‘t professionally associated with home construction, terms like cordwood masonry and cordwood construction sound unfamiliar. Nowadays, inside the age of technology and artificial materials, eco-materials are something unusual and unconventional. Houses made of natural materials possess a special positive effect upon the micro climate unlike modern impermeable materials. Cordwood construction, also referred to as cordwood masonry or stackwall construction, is really a approach to building with natural materials. Cordwood masonry (cordwood construction ) is really a technique that uses short, round bits of debarked wood, much like what would generally be considered as firewood and a few sort of a mortar. Typically, the construction process uses 40 % wood and 60% mortar or any other fastening solution and also the width from the walls is equal towards the length from the cordwood.

The entire process of building is really a cordwood house is extremely much like laying rocks in mortar. The logs ought to be trimmed to ensure that their length is almost a similar after which they‘re aligned with the ends sticking out to produce a smooth even surface from the walls inside and out. Mortar is applied adjacent to each and every end from the log. It is usual that the wall thickness of the cordwood home wall varies between 16 to 24 inches (40 – 40 cm ). In areas with colder climate, wall thickness can be even 36 inches (90 cm ).

What‘s the best style of wood for making a Cordwood house?

Selecting the kind of wood for cordwood construction is very important. Any kind of wood can be utilized but experts recommend using pines and softwoods as hardwoods have different expansion properties. Softwoods have better insulating properties than hardwoods like maple, oak, and elm and additionally, hardwoods are likely to shrink and expand greater than softwoods when temperature and humidity levels vary. It is important for successful and durable cordwood masonry is that the dry wood. It‘s essential the wood you chose is absolutely dry. Otherwise there‘s a probability of significant shrinkage.

How can you tell once the wood is dry? Debarked wood for cordwood houses ought to be dried with a shelter and also the process usually takes between six months to at least one year with respect to the species of wood, climate and weather conditions. Remember that even following a cordwood house is built, there‘s a chance the logs may shrink following a while and maybe you got to caulk all around the logs. To extend the stability of cordwood construction It‘s best in case you used logs from a similar species. In this manner you‘ll avoid differences in expansion and contraction involving the individual logs. Cedar, pacific yew, and juniper have the extra benefit from being naturally rot-resistant while elm, for instance, gives off a robust odor that individuals could find unpleasant or irritating.

Some people wonder if it‘s difficult to construct a cordwood house. What experts say is cordwood masonry is much more time intensive and labor intensive but almost any person could build such walls and you also need not become a talented architect to manage this type of project. A cordwood house offers many advantages and benefits.

On the very first place cordwood houses are economical and maybe have a lower cost than other kinds of houses. The value will depend upon the availability of suitable wood material in proximity towards the construction site. It‘s best in case you chose local kinds of wood and consult with professionals or people that have have experience with cordwood building. This process of building could be very resource efficient because it uses wood which may not have much other value.

Cordwood houses are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. They‘re built with natural materials and because of the particular construction the temperature within the home retains a relatively constant level. Cordwood homes are cool in summer and warm in winter because of the insulating properties of wood.

When it comes to aesthetic appearance cordwood houses possess a unique appearance. The specific construction gives a beautiful rustic and unique look towards the house. The natural look of the cordwood house is harking back to a mountain huts and is extremely welcoming. To feature a decorative element towards the walls many people use colorful glass bottles, that called bottle-ends. The bottles are mortared straight into the wall and help bringing natural light inside the house.

The versatility of cordwood construction method is yet another advantage. This building technique can be utilized for construction of houses, garden sheds, garden rooms, saunas, cabins or other small structures. Small constructions are a very good alternative and provide your garden a rustic look. A shed for storing garden tools is an practical option. Also a sauna could be built using cordwood masonry being an choice to the standard sauna, where only wood is designed.

Cordwood masonry could be combined along with building materials, For instance, you are able to decorate the facade of your home with natural stone. Modern cordwood house construction combines wood logs with stainless steel but in case you plan such an option you ought to consult by having an architect. Cordwood construction is among the technologies which allow homeowners to experience the indescribable pride of making a home, or perhaps a smaller construction, with the own hands.

The most drawback of cordwood houses is the fact that they require a great deal of time and labor, especially if you‘re planning a DIY project. The here we are at construction depends about how enough time the owner can spare to the project and you need to compare money saving against time spent. Cordwood homes could be difficult to sell particularly if the potential buyers aren‘t acquainted using this construction technique and aren‘t mindful of the advantages and benefits of those houses.